End your Asset Design and As Constructed (ADAC) data specification problems

What could be more important than a local government focused data specification that is created by councils and utilities and is supported by NAMS.AU? ADAC has a new suite of tools for you to showcase the benefits to your stakeholders both within your organisation and to those that deliver Asset Design and As Constructed data to you.



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About ADAC

Incorrect, missing or redundant data can cost your organisation significant time delays and money. That's why ADAC represents a strategic solution through quality data capture and management for government and utilities.

ADAC Getting it right first time with consistent dataFind out more about our solution - download:

Getting it right first time with consistent data (pdf)
from ADAC - IPWEA, supported by NAMS.AU

Interested Councils and Utilities are invited to join the ADAC consortium as either a general member or as SRG members.

All members receive access to tools and materials developed to support ADAC implementation. Members also enjoy the ability to expand the specification by presenting to the ADAC Strategic Reference Group (SRG) which meets approximately every six months. This allows an opportunity to shape the future direction of the standard and other products. Perhaps the greatest part of being a member is the ability to interact with other experienced members and national leaders in their field, who have successfully utilized ADAC throughout their organisations.

Register to this website free and all public downloads and presentations are at your disposal.

Organisations interested in becoming a member of the ADAC Consortium should email their enquiry to Ross Guppy, IPWEAQ.

The diagram below describes a typical ADAC implementation:


Mind Maps

Use our interactive Mind Maps for an easy snapshot of the specification classes and features. It's a great way to begin your gap analysis against your current asset features.

Please note that you will need Java version 1.4 or later and Freemind Browser. Download the latest version of Freemind Browser from the sourceforge website. Install the software and open the map.mm file in it.



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