The ADAC national structure roles and responsibilities:

IPWEA ADAC Head Office

  • To receive general feedback and enquiries from the total ADAC community such as IPWEA State branches, ADAC National SRG, State SRG, the general ADAC members, the Land Development Industry and technical partners in software development and implementation.
  • To maintain national website, supply updates via e-°©‐newsletters.
  • To host 1 x state SRG meeting p/a.
  • To host 1 x National meeting p/a, supplying travel and accommodation to 1 x SRG representative from each state.
  • To collate all feedback from National SRG and also state based SRG for national meeting agendas.
  • Govern timelines and maintain project management for anything the National SRG group decide necessary in order of importance to the development of the ADAC specification.
  • To promote ADAC nationally.
  • To create consortiums within each State, electing new Chairpersons when required and maintaining close relations with SRG members that choose to lead in their respective states.
  • To book and facilitate in-house days along with the co-ordination of the implementation scope delivery.
  • To maintain prompt schema updates and notify software and implementation partners of any specification changes.
  • To maintain Strategic management plan, SRG charter and TRG charter.

IPWEA State Offices

  • To attend any ADAC meetings in their state to the best of their ability in Particular State SRG meetings.
  • To promote ADAC within their member base via newsletter updates, at conferences etc with material provided from ADAC head office.
  • Advise all outcomes and new business to the IPWEA ADAC head office.
  • Provide State governance/structure feedback to IPWEA ADAC head office.
  • Maintain governance structure and report any misuse or non-member , non-accredited Pty Ltd use of the ADAC business structure, particularly for self-financial gain.

National Strategic Reference Group (SRG)

  • Consists of one representative from each state SRG.
  • Collect all feedback on ADAC Specification changes from State SRG and decide on changes and their priority, with consultation and agreement from IPWEA ADAC head office.
  • Report to ADAC head office any legislative opportunities across the country to imbed ADAC.
  • Form a national best practice data management peak body.
  • Assesses any potential software and implementation partners put forward by the State SRG for accreditation.

* See ADAC National SRG Charter for full responsibilities.

State Strategic Reference Group (SRG)

  • Conduct meetings under the governance and attendance of IPWEA where possible.
  • Collect feedback from the State Technical Reference Group (TRG) on ADAC specification changes, potential technical opportunities and potential industry alliances.
  • Provide collaborative support to their fellow state members with any queries from new and members.
  • Refer any member issues that can’t be addressed within the state membership to the ADAC Head Office for clarification or pursuance to the National SRG.
  • Advise ADAC head office regarding any organizations that are competing in the same space or plagiarising the ADAC business structure and benefits without being endorsed under the governance of the IPWEA or an ADAC member.

State Technical Reference Group (TRG)

  • Provide technical and overall feedback including industry knowledge to the State SRG.
  • To inspect, correlate and report any ADAC specification change request from members to the state SRG.
  • Provide support to other fellow members where possible.
  • Host presentations from potential software and implementation partners to be referred to their state SRG for pursuance of accreditation with the national SRG.

* See ADAC TRG Charter for full responsibilities.

General members

  • To make use of the ADAC specification under the provided guidelines set by IPWEA and the national ADAC SRG.
  • To report any required changes to the specification to the state TRG.
  • To maintain the use of the ADAC specification as provided in official updates from ADAC head office and not to corrupt the specification to suite their own regional requirements.
  • The ADAC national SRG and IPWEA ADAC Head Office take no responsibility for non‐endorsed ADAC software and implementation partners.
  • Member organizations understand that while ADAC implementation can be done in-°©‐house, delivery timelines will be resource dependant and become the full responsibility of the organisation.

Download the ADAC National Governance Plan (pdf).