Finally! I think we’ve found a solution to our dreaded As-Constructed plans.

Being a relatively small council with fairly limited resources, especially when it comes to requesting and utilising As-Constructed plans, our current process is:

  1. to request the as-con in a design format;
  2. development engineers undertake the manual process of checking the as-con;
  3. when the as-con gets approved its used either as a reference to and or manipulated so as to be added to our asset register;
  4. And this is then displayed in our GIS.

This process is always a challenge and for the most part our As-Cons are merely designs with no real asset attributes assigned to them. This wasn’t helped by the fact that we have no real standard for what to request in an As-Constructed plan. The recent flood damage to this region has also seen our council in the position of having to record an unprecedented amount of data.

As soon as we heard that ADAC was on the move, being Council driven and backed by IPWEA, we saw this as a great opportunity regardless of cost to get on board and get involved in what streamlines and standardises the As Design as Constructed processes within Council.

By utilising ADAC in our Council we hope to instil consistency not only from As-Cons supplied by developers but consistency from our own As-Cons, even from our surveys to prelim designs right through to our asset registers. We also foresee a much quicker turnaround from ingestion to release back to the developer.

We will be implementing ADAC as our As Design As Constructed standard for all works both capital and developer in the near future and honestly there is some hard work and tough decisions to be made in the short term but definitely a step in the right direction as far as we are concerned.

Like all good things, you only get out what you put in and this is a great opportunity for all Councils out there who aren’t sure of what to do about your As-Con situation, to join the ADAC initiative and work with a team who realistically speaking make our jobs a lot easier.

Kind Regards

GIS Officer
Lockyer Valley Regional Council
LVRC: 1300 00 5872
Direct:  07 5462 0336