Welcome to the Lower Order Road Design Guidelines - another standards initiative from IPWEA Queensland.

The Lower Order Road Design Guidelines are intended to provide local government with a convenient design tool. The guidelines suggest the minimum standards that should be considered for the design and construction of lower order assets held by local government in Queensland. It is important to highlight the guidelines are not intended to act in any prescribed or formal capacity (e.g. Australian Standards). They are simply guidelines.

The guideline seeks to assist practitioners with a risk-based approach to lower road capital improvement and provide RPEQ’s with a publication for ease of reference within the industry, whilst not compromising the fact that a road standard still needs to exist. At the time of first publication in 2015 the guidelines are considered to be the most suitable defence in developing principles for the design and construction of lower order roads.

This document will be considered for amendment from time to time and we invite guideline users to provide feedback, as appropriate.

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