Water & Sewerage Drawings available for download by registered users with subscriptions only.

Prior to using any of the IPWEAQ Water & Sewerage Standard Drawings you should be aware that a consolidated set of design and construction standards for water supply and sewerage infrastructure in South East Queensland came into effect on 1 July 2013. These technical standards  are known as the South East Queensland Water Supply and Sewerage Design and Construction Code (or the SEQ Code).

The SEQ Code is applicable to all planning, designing and/or constructing of water supply and sewerage infrastructure that will be owned by one of the SEQ water service providers.

Whilst many of these drawings have been superseded by the SEQ Code they remain available as they are still referenced by some authorities. These drawings may not be ADAC compliant and their ongoing technical validity rests with the referencing authority.

Water & Sewerage Drawings

S-0001 Index Standard Drawings Sewerage
S-0010 Sample As Constructed Plan
S-0020 Access Chambers 1050mm Nom. Dia. - Insitu Construction
S-0021 Access Chambers 1050mm Nom. Dia.- Precast Components
S-0022 Access Chambers 1500mm Dia. - Insitu Construction
S-0023 Access Chambers Alternative Drops Insitu Construction
S-0024 Access Chambers Rectangular Including Cast Iron Covers and Frames
S-0025 Access Chambers Cast Iron Cover and Frame, Cast Iron Concrete Filled Cover
S-0026 Access Chambers Cast Iron Cover and Frame Bolt Down
S-0030 House Connection Branches
S-0050 Submersible Sewage Pumping Station General Arrangement 2000mm Dia.
S-0051 Submersible Sewage Pumping Station 7.2m Vent pole Terrain Cat 2 and 3
S-0052 Submersible Sewage Pumping Station 12.0m Vent Pole Terrain Cat 2 and 3
S-0054 Submersible Sewage Pumping Station 2000mm Dia. Reinforcement Pressure Gauge Arrangement Air Release Pipework Details
S-0055 Submersible Sewage Pumping Station Fabricated Metalwork Sheet 1
S-0056 Submersible Sewage Pumping Station Fabricated Metalwork Sheet 2
S-0057 Lift Station Submersible 1800mm (0-20L/sec))
S-0058 Pump Station Overflow
S-0059 Submersible Sewage Pumping Station General Arrangement - Reinforcement 2400mm Dia.
S-0060 Submersible Sewage Pumping Station Aluminium Covers and Frames 2400mm Dia.
S-0070 Pressure Main Discharge Details
S-0090 Sewer Construction Pipeline Construction Types
W-0001 Index Standard Drawings Water
W-0010 Air Valve Pit 050 and 080 Air Valves
W-0020 Water Reticulation Device Sample As-Constructed Plan
W-0030 Backflow Prevention Device Slab and Pole Mounted Cubicle
W-0040 Bedding and Backfill for Water Main Construction
W-0041 Water Main Thrust Block Details
W-0050 Headworks at Bores
W-0060 Hydrant and Valve Installation
W-0061 C.I. Hydrant and Valve Boxes
W-0080 Scour Details
W-0090 Water Connections Single, Double and Ghost Above Ground Meter
W-0091 Water Connections Single and Double Below Ground Meter